What I’m Reading & Watching This Week – Daily Thoughts 014

So I’m gonna try something for the next couple of Thursdays. As I mentioned earlier this week, I go through a lot of content and not all of it is interesting or great. Therefore, I wanted to share some highlights with you just in case you completely missed something or didn’t have a chance to look. The vast majority of these articles will be related to photography, but you might occasionally find some music or DJ-related content like this one: Best Gifts for DJs – Christmas 2017.

I won’t be covering big news exclusively, although I will add in a couple of those when needed (i.e., the Sony a7RIII announcement). My goal here is to mix it up so you may find tutorials, stories, albums, news, updates, etc.

Making it as an introvert (Sean Tucker/Simon Baxter) – If you’re an introvert photographer like me, you might find some value in watching this video from Sean Tucker, featuring Simon Baxter.

DxO acquires Nik Collection from Google and will continue to offer it for free… for now – I mentioned the Nik Collection during my post-processing workflow overview and highly recommend you grabbing it ASAP. You never know when the free price tag might disappear now that it’s under new management.

Taking Your Photos to the Next Level with Color Theory – This video covers a topic that I’ve done some research on in the past and even started preparing a lengthy post because I find it so fascinating. It features a cool palette tool, too!

Three Reasons Why Instagram’s Algorithm is Garbage – I must say that I kind of agree with all three of the reasons given. What about you?

Sony’s new A7R III is a direct shot at Canon’s full-frame throne – I think I’ll take the money it costs to buy the A7RIII and buy a few more Fuji lenses instead. Anyone considering buying the Sony?

This Photographer Spends Hours in Museums Matching People to Famous Artworks – The patience is admirable.

Shooting Portraits with a Giant Moon Using a 1120mm Lens – Ever wondered how people get the moon to look larger than reality in their landscapes? Check this post out.

Until tomorrow,

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