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If you are a photographer, you know that keeping up with your education and what is trending in the world of photography is vitally important to your success. As with many things, the photography industry is ever-evolving and what is popular one day may not be popular the next day. For that reason, every educational opportunity should be seized by a photographer and one of the best ways to do that is online. Learning online is one of the best ways that photographers can learn for a variety of reasons and Udemy photography courses are a wonderful option.

First, it allows them to be flexible with their schedule. Photographers often don’t have the typical schedule that everyone else has and even if they do, it’s hard to fit traditional college courses or adult learning courses into a schedule because they will usually run during business hours. As any pro photographer can attest, they don’t always work regular hours and different days can bring different operating hours. It’s just the nature of the industry. Having flexibility in scheduling is very important for a photographer, and learning online allows them to do that. That makes Udemy photography courses an excellent option for a number of reasons. We’ll touch on those later.

Next, it allows them to pick and choose the content that they want to learn. With online learning courses, photographers can customize their learning plans and pick the areas of photography that they want to capitalize on as an artist and business person. This is a really important aspect of being a photographer. As a business person, you need to be able to recognize what the best area of photography for you to be in is. This can be any section or multiple sections, but being able to identify this is key. Once you have these sections identified, you want to be able to learn them specifically. With traditional learning, you might have to waste time learning parts of your profession that you don’t necessarily care about or feel that you’ll end up using. That’s why with online learning, you have the option to select what you want to learn. This is especially true with Udemy photography courses. Each course focuses on a different aspect of being a photographer and you can select any course that you want.

Finally, online learning is just flat out more affordable. Besides all the convenience and practicality, what draws a lot of people to online learning is the low cost. Traditional learning can be expensive and you don’t get to pick and choose your learning path as much. With online learning, there is little overhead and these companies are able to offer these incredibly valuable courses at very cheap rates. That means that you get the same or better education than you would at a traditional learning institution at a fraction of the cost and time commitment since you won’t have to worry about commuting or other time-wasting things that you would have to do at a traditional learning institute.

What Company Offers These Courses?

There are many companies that offer online photography classes, but one of the best and most well-known is Udemy. Udemy photography classes are some of the best in the business. We are going to be breaking down Udemy courses, what they have to offer, and who they are best suited for. We’re also going to look more in-depth at what Udemy photography courses have to offer to people of all skill levels and what the best Udemy photography courses are. But first, let’s learn a little bit more information about Udemy and what makes them qualified to be teaching photography.

Who Is Udemy?

Good question! Udemy is one of the most popular online learning platforms out there today. And though they have reached near household-name status, some people still haven’t heard of them because they are not familiar with online learning. Udemy has thousands of courses, learning plans, and world-class instructors to teach their millions of enrolled students. They are arguably the most notorious of the online learning platforms and the amount of courses that they have available to users is massive. Chances are if you are familiar with online learning, you are familiar or at least have heard of Udemy. A lot of people are looking for Udemy photography courses or more specifically, the best Udemy photography courses, since there are hundreds of them available to you. Udemy is one of the more popular places to learn photography online.

How Many Topics Do Udemy Photography Courses Cover?

The answer is thousands of topics taught by hundreds of instructors. They have topics and courses that are designed for everyone from the photographer who doesn’t yet have a professional camera to the photographer who owns her own agency and has been doing photography for 30 years. Any photographer of any skillset can find knowledge of value on Udemy.

In this post, we are going to cover a variety of Udemy courses as well as some other details about Udemy that you should know before you select them as your online source for learning.

What Are The Most Photography Popular Topics On Udemy?

Udemy has hundreds of photography courses to offer, but we can break it down into the most popular topics that photographers pursue. These are broad topics that get more specific as you dive into the learning plans. The most popular topics that Udemy has to offer are as follows:

  • Photography
  • DSLR
  • Digital Photography
  • Affinity Photo
  • Photoshop Retouching
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • Portrait Photography
  • iPhone Photography
  • Night Photography

As you can see, these topics range from very specific to very broad and they are similar to learning paths that you can dive deeper in and take individual courses. Anyone from an experienced photographer to a seasoned vet can find value in these topics.

How Are Courses Laid Out On Udemy?

If you are concerned about how easy it is to learn on Udemy, you shouldn’t be! The courses are laid out in a way that is easy to follow. Often the courses are a mixture between graphics, video, speakers, and captions. This makes it easy for people who have different learning styles and preferences to still learn using these courses and it caters to people who love to learn online especially. Learning online can be an acquired taste, but once you do become more used to it, it becomes easier and you may find it preferable to any other form of learning. Learning online allows you to learn from anywhere on the go.

What If I Struggle With My Courses?

There are plenty of features that come with Udemy courses to ensure that you get the help that you need if you are struggling with your courses. For starters, the helpful and learning-friendly layout of the courses help to prevent issues. Pretty much any learner can learn effectively from Udemy video courses. Second, the fact that they are posted in video format allows you to do the coursework at your own pace and at your own leisure. As long as you aren’t in a rush to get it done for a workplace requirement, you can do these courses as fast or as slow as you’d like so that you know you have enough time to learn everything effectively and absorb the important information. But that’s just prevention—what happens if you are having trouble understanding concepts or doing coursework? Udemy has you covered there, too.

If you are struggling, you can consult one of the Udemy learning forums to try and find help from an instructor or past student that has also taken the course. Also, most of the answers to the coursework is posted along with the course materials. You can also ask the instructor through Udemy for help understanding concepts or material. There is no shortage of assistance if you are struggling with your Udemy course.

What Are The Best Udemy Photography Courses?

Great question! A lot of people want to skip the basics and just go take the courses that are most well known and most popular right away. As long as you know the basics of photography and you know what you are doing, that approach is fine! Like we said, one of the great things about online learning with Udemy is how customizable it is. You can truly select any learning opportunity that you desire. Here’s a list of the 10 best Udemy photography courses as of now:

Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography

In this class, you’ll learn how to take amazing photos, take photos in varying landscapes and scenarios, light your subjects correctly, make money with photography, the operation of your camera, correct photo composition, edit photos professionally, and also some smart phone photography.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC & CC: Photo Editing Masterclass

This class teaches you how to edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is another awesome, useful, and important Adobe program for all professional photographers to master.

Beginner Nikon Digital SLR Photography

In this course you’ll learn how to use a Nikon digital camera to capture amazing photos and you’ll learn your way around the features that your camera has to offer. This course includes a lot of content centered around what it means to capture photos like a professional. This is a great course to take if you are just starting out with your Nikon camera.

Becoming a Better Photographer — Part I

This course is going to include dozens of tips that will help you capture awesome photos with your DSLR or compact camera. It’s pretty broad, and it’s great for anyone who understands the basics of photography but wants to take that extra step to the next level.

The Art of Black and White Photography

Once the only option, black and white photography is emerging as a trend in a variety of places and it’s important that you learn about what makes for a great black and white photo. This is a really unique class that is probably more suited for an experienced photographer that is looking to fine tune and expand their skillset.

Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography

You may not have ever thought about it, but the architecture and real estate clients can be some of the most lucrative clients that you ever have in your career. This course will teach you about photographing buildings and houses for best possible presentation. It’s a super valuable skill to learn, especially if you are looking to diversify your offerings to prospective clients.

What Do People Think of Udemy Photography Courses?

Udemy is widely regarded as one of the best places to learn online and more specifically, the best Udemy photography courses are often hailed as one of the best sources to learn skills related to the art and business of photography. You should feel confident in honing your skills using Udemy photography courses, as thousands of other professionals have done.

The Verdict

Udemy photography courses are plentiful on the platform, and if you are looking for online photography learning Udemy is definitely one of the best places on the internet to do it. They have several courses to choose from and they also have an impeccable reputation that involves having taught millions of students using online tactics. The best Udemy photography courses that we outlined earlier is the just the tip of the iceberg—you can learn hundreds of useful skills that are good investments for photographers on Udemy. Click here to learn more about Udemy photography courses.