The First Post – Daily Thoughts 001

So I think it’s time to introduce a new series here on — Daily Thoughts. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, but I never really got to the point of making it actually happening. Essentially, this series will be a single post written by me every weekday that covers what’s on my mind related to photography.

Just as every day is different, expect these posts to be different depending on whatever topic(s) I feel like covering that day. Some days you might find a ton of valuable information and some days you may not. My goal is to bring at least one person value each day. If you aren’t that person, feel free to share the post with a friend or colleague that might find it applicable to their lives.

I haven’t sat down to write on a daily basis in years, so I’m excited to work my writing muscles and progressively improve the way I write. I think the fact that I haven’t written regularly has been the biggest mental obstacle preventing me from starting this series earlier. However, it’s about time I ignore the voice in the back of my head pushing for procrastination and just jump in.

There’s so much going on in our industry today, that even if you consume as much photography-related content as I do, you still might be looking for ways to actually apply that information to your shooting and editing. This simple issue will be the driving force behind this series.

I want you to finish reading these quick posts daily with something valuable that you can immediately use to improve your art or lives. That value may come in the form of a shooting tip, editing advice, a software recommendation, or even a new mentality for the way you approach photography. I intend to mix as many of these into each post as possible.

Before I wrap up this primer post, I want to mention two more things. First, if you have questions, comments, or concerns about anything that I post, I want to hear your feedback. Engagement is extremely important, and I always want to evolve my content to suit you and help you grow.

Secondly, even though this is more of an introductory post for the series, I want to leave you with something. I think that something is this: follow through on your ideas, no matter what mental obstacles are holding you back. Silencing the negativity and fear isn’t easy, but you’ll never know if your idea was good or bad unless you try. I have no idea if this series will work out, but even if it doesn’t I’ll be happy that I tried.

I’ll be back tomorrow, and I hope you will too.

– John Grey aka The Creativv

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