Best Waterproof Camera Backpack

Best Waterproof Camera Backpack

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In this article, I’ll be discussing the best waterproof camera backpack—the Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2. A waterproof camera backpack is essential for anyone who loves to explore nature and take pictures of their amazing surroundings. A waterproof camera backpack can keep your camera and all of your photographic equipment safe from the elements, whether you’re hiking through a rainforest or taking pictures of the waves on a beach. Not only do waterproof camera backpacks provide protection for your gear, but they also come with compartments to store additional items, like snacks and water bottles.

About Peak Design

Peak Design is a San Francisco-based company that designs and manufactures camera gear. The company was founded in 2011 by Peter Dering. Peak Design has become well-known for its innovative products, such as the Capture Camera Clip and the Everyday Backpack.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 Overview

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 is an award-winning product featuring a 400D double-poly coated, DWR-impregnated nylon canvas weatherproof shell to keep your belongings safe and dry. This 400D material is lightweight and durable, making it a popular choice for backpacks, camping gear, and other outdoor gear.

The first generation of the Everyday Backpack was introduced in 2015 and this revamped second generation has some exciting updates:

  • New colorway Midnight
  • UltraZips on the exterior which Peak Design claims can withstand decades of use. They are made with ultra-high-molecular-weight thermoplastic thread. I don’t know what all that means, but it sounds cool and customers are happy.
  • All shell and liner fabrics except black are 100% recycled and Bluesign approved
  • Aesthetic improvements with cleaner seams and a more rounded profile
  • Increased organization with more pockets inside
  • External carry straps have improved Cord Hook connectors and more tie-down points
  • More volume in side pockets for things like tripods or water bottles
  • Revamped shoulder straps
  • And, more!

The capacity of the bag is either 20L or 30L, both of which are plenty for a daily carry, and enough for smart organizers to fit a lot of camera equipment and accessories inside. However, to achieve the full capacity, you’ll sacrifice some protection as we’ll discuss below.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 Laptop Compartment

At the back of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack (V2) you’ll find the laptop compartment which has both a padded laptop sleeve and a tablet sleeve. You can adjust the height of the laptop sleeve to fit different laptop sizes. Lower it for a 15-inch laptop or raise it up so your smaller laptop conveniently sits higher for easier access.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 Main Compartment

Accessing the main compartment of the bag from the top is done via an updated MagLatch design compared to V1. You pull a metal loop to release the magnet and open it up. There are several metal bars on the front of the pack so you can close it properly depending on the level of fullness.

When the MagLatch is closed on the top bar, that’s the max capacity for the pack. It’s important to note that at this position, there will be small openings on the sides where moisture or sticky fingers could easily get in. If you need to use all 20 or 30L and want your possessions stay dry and secure, this may not be the perfect backpack for you, unfortunately. You could check out the Everyday Backpack Zip version.

The main compartment of the Everyday Backpack can additionally be accessed via both sides of the bag, which have two weatherproof UltraZips each. If you have ever owned a photography backpack, you’ll know that being able to access your gear from as many locations as possible is a massive pro.

Inside you’ve got 3 easy-to-configure FlexFold dividers so that you can set up your backpack the way you like it with your camera body, lenses, and accessories. There are also plenty of pockets for small items like cords, memory cards, wallets, etc.

Is 30L a good-sized travel bag?

A 30-liter bag is a good size for carrying your essentials when traveling, hiking, or biking. It’s also a good size for everyday use as a gym bag, work bag, or carry-on bag. A 30-liter bag has plenty of room to store a jacket, snacks, a water bottle, and other gear without being too bulky or heavy.

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