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Gaining Instagram Exposure via Hubs – DT008

Gaining Instagram Exposure via Hubs – Daily Thoughts 008

As I was thinking about what to write today, I realized that I haven’t touched much on Instagram marketing and tactics yet. In today’s post I’m going to review one of the best ways to grow your account and gain exposure to audiences that just might follow you and your work.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you may remember a couple of posts relating to Instagram, including this post on my inspiring photography hubs. I like to write about what’s familiar to me, and social media (mainly Instagram) marketing was my primary focus for over a year. I absorbed an enormous amount of content on the subject, ran accounts for clients, and consulted for users looking to build their accounts.

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Instagram Post Building: Beyond the Visual Content
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but for Instagram-marketing purposes, that isn’t always enough.  In addition to your visual content, Instagram allows you to write a caption, add a location, tag other users, and share to other social media platforms. It’s wise to take full advantage of these Instagram post building opportunities, so keep reading for a few tips on ways you can complement your visual content before you post.

If done right, you should see results in the form of boosted engagement, follower gains, and more exposure!
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Free Lightroom Export Presets for Instagram Posts

So, you’ve just finished editing a batch of photos from your latest shoot in Lightroom and you want to throw a few on Instagram.  There are so many different ways to get the images out of Lightroom and onto your mobile device, but many of them are time consuming, sacrifice quality, and/or result in large files that end up taking space.

If only there was a simple Lightroom export preset that gave you small file sizes at optimal dimensions for Instagram and synced the images with your mobile device.  Well, now there is — InstaCloud1080.  Best of all, I’m giving it to you for free!
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A Simple Tip for Better Instagram Engagement

A Simple Tip for Better Engagement on Instagram

One of my biggest tips for better Instagram engagement is to take advantage of the portrait format for posting photos. Since Instagram introduced support for portrait and landscape orientation in August of 2015, most of you should know exactly what I’m referring to here. If not, read about it here.

While I personally format photos based on the image content, I know many people using the popular photo-sharing platform care about getting better Instagram engagement. So if you’re are struggling to get the likes and comments you desire, give this a try.

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