Straight Moody Advanced Luminar Preset

Straight Moody Advanced is an updated version of my post popular Lightroom preset built for Macphun’s new photo editing software — Luminar.  The original Straight Moody preset was released as a part of my Daylight Porter Pack and I received a lot of positive feedback on that particular preset.  Therefore, I decided that it would be cool to take the preset to the next level by adding in some of Luminar’s filters.

I started the building process for this preset by applying many of the same Lightroom tweaks within Luminar.  Once I had a solid foundation, I began adding in additional filters that are completely unavailable in Lightroom.  The result is an advanced version of Straight Moody that has better contrast, structure, and lighting.

Below I’ve included two before/after preview sliders that show you the results of applying Straight Moody Advanced in Luminar to an original photo and a comparison of the Lightroom version and the Luminar version.

Luminar was just released today and I’ve already released my first impressions of the software in the form of a comparison between it and Lightroom.  For individual photo edits, Luminar is now my go-to editing software.  It’s feature-rich and has so much flexibility.

The majority of my blog posts and preset releases from now on will be geared towards Luminar, so if you grabbed a copy, be sure to input your email at the bottom of this post to stay up-to-date with everything I release.

Before/After Previews

Original Photo (Before) / Straight Moody Advanced Luminar Preset (After)

Photo by @thecreativv | Hand and Foot Model: @davejawu

Straight Moody Lightroom Preset (Before) / Straight Moody Advanced Luminar Preset (After)

Photo by @thecreativv | Hand and Foot Model: @davejawu

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