Lightroom-Style Luminar Workspace

One of my favourite things about Luminar is its workspaces, allowing you to adapt the software to your personal editing style.  If you’ve come to Luminar from Lightroom, you might feel a bit overwhelmed with the additional filter options you now have.  Rather than getting scared off, give yourself an opportunity to adjust to Luminar by using a workspace that is very similar to Lightroom first.  Therefore, I created a Lightroom-style Luminar workspace called Room of Light.

About Room of Light

Room of Light includes nearly all of the filters you’re used to using in Lightroom.  I’ve even placed them in the same order, so you’ll feel the same sort of workflow as you move down the list.  While there are a couple of Lightroom editing tools missing in Luminar, the bulk of them are already there.  As more Luminar filters are added, I’ll be updating this workspace so it feels more like your previous editing home.  Click my affiliate link here to check out a comparison of all of the features between Luminar, Lightroom, and Aperture.

Don’t Limit Yourself

I encourage you to start off using the Room of Light workspace if you are/were a Lightroom user, but I also encourage you to abandon it once you’ve gotten the hang of using Luminar.  The whole point of these workspaces is to help you personalize your editing experience, so your end goal should be a workspace containing only the filters you need for specific styles.  Don’t let unnecessary filters distract you from getting your edits done faster.

The other reason I encourage you to abandon the Room of Light workspace is the simple fact that there are so many more incredible filters in Luminar that you can’t use in Lightroom.  Take some time to explore these features by adding a couple of them in on each edit you do with the Room of Light Lightroom-style Luminar Workspace.  Once you’ve found additional filters that you love adding on your edits, you can create and save new Workspaces that will optimize your workflow for individual styles.

Download Now

To grab the Room of Light Lightroom-style Luminar workspace, head over to The Creativv Shop.  I’ve made the download free, but if you are feeling generous, sign-up and checkout as a member of the site to receive news, updates, and more free downloads directly to your email inbox.  Happy editing!

Luminar Holiday Sale

Luminar has a great holiday sale going on right now if you haven’t already picked it up.  It comes with the software and a bunch of bonuses for $59.  When you add it all up, it comes out at 80% savings, so you don’t want to pass it up.   Here’s what you get as far as bonuses:

  • 3 eBooks from Andrew S. Gibson: Mastering Photography, Mastering Composition & Mastering Lenses. The “Mastering” series is designed to help improve the creative aspects of your photography. They are aimed at intelligent and creative photographers who understand that light and composition are just as important as knowing which buttons to press on the camera.
  • Over 300 high resolution sky overlays: Use Luminar and this set of warm, blue or dramatic skies to enhance any image. Perfect for any photographer who has photos with dull or lifeless skies – bring them to life with this exciting collection!
  • Creative Portraits Preset Pack for Luminar: Make even more amazing photos with this speciality pack of presets ideal for improving any portrait.  
  • How to Shoot Sandscapes by Baber Afzal: In this video, you’ll learn pro techniques for capturing the best sandscape photos possible.

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