Inspiration plays an important role in creativity.  Not only does inspiration help us formulate new ideas, it also serves as motivation to carry out those ideas.  As a creative individual, it’s important to get inspiration daily.  For visual creatives, Instagram hubs are a great way to find inspiration and stay motivated to create.

For those of you confused by the term hub, let me explain what I’m referring to.  Essentially, a hub is an account that features the content of other Instagram users.  Often times, hubs are based on shooting styles, locales, or subject matter.  Active hub accounts will post content featuring users that submitted their content to the hub or gave the hub permission to post.

To be selected by the hub for a feature, you usually just have to follow their account and use their branded hashtag.  If they have other requirements, you’ll usually find those in their bio space or in the caption of their latest posts.

Now that you understand what I’m referring to, you probably realize that you already follow some hubs on Instagram.  There are so many good ones out there, but for this post, I’m listing 11 inspiring Instagram hubs that I personally recommend.

I keep my feed filled with various hubs to keep tabs on photography/editing trends, discover new talent, and become inspired by what others are doing.  This inspiration turns into motivation and fuels me to get out and shoot each day.

I’m gonna shut up now and let you get to browsing the following hubs, but stay tuned for another post within the next couple of days regarding other ways to use hubs to improve your Instagram engagement rates, gain followers, and strengthen connections!

A Game Of Tones
This account will always be special to me since it was the first global hub to feature one of my images.  They have a great team of selectors and do a wonderful job curating Instagram posts.
I love moody photography, so this is definitely an account I go to for inspiration and motivation.  The edits people achieve are mind-blowing on occasion.
This is just a beautifully curated feed with a nice range of photography styles. There’s something for all types of photographers on this hub.
Who can resist perfect symmetry? If you’ve never seen this hub, get ready to get lost in admiration for a while.
Art Of Visuals
#ArtOfVisuals #aov
Not only is Art of Visuals an inspiring hub of photos, they also spark community discussions and are doing great things with their website!
Feedback Nation
Another great hub with inspiring photos and an expanding website/blog!
Create & Explore
#CreateExploreTakeOver #CreateExplore
I’m a big fan of @takubeats both musically and visually, so this had to make the list!
Bokeh Killers
If you have a wide aperture lens in your rotation, this is a great account to pull inspiration from. See how other people are getting creative with bokeh.
This hub is a no-brainer if you shoot a lot of portraits and need new inspiration. Follow this hub and your feed will be filled with great ideas daily.
Way 2 Ill
Tons of incredible urban and landscape images on this hub to get your creative juices flowing.
Feeds Of Glory
This is the hub I founded a short while ago and have really enjoyed selecting for. This hub is simply dedicated to good imagery, so you’ll find a little bit of everything here.

If you have a favorite hub that you draw inspiration from, feel free to comment it below.  If I get enough submissions, I just might have to create another post.  Keep on creating!