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Category: Product Reviews
I Bought My First Fuji Camera – DT006

I Bought My First Fuji Camera – Daily Thoughts 006

Well, the title of this post pretty much says it all. I did indeed purchase my first Fuji camera over the weekend — the X-T2.

It’s no secret that I have been using mid-range Nikon DSLRs and the Sony RX100 IV for most of my photography for 2017. I didn’t exactly need a new camera for professional purposes, but I was growing tired of a few things with my other cameras and was itching for an upgrade.

After spending hours and hours researching camera possibilities, it was a pretty close race between a full-frame Nikon and the Fuji. I already had several Nikon lenses, but if I was going full-frame, all but one of them (50mm 1.4D) would be fully compatible. Knowing that I’d have to make new lens purchases, even with a Nikon, opened up a good opportunity to switch brands.

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Incase DSLR Pro Pack Review

Incase DSLR Pro Pack Review

As a freelancer, I’m constantly on the move. My days are filled with meetings, cafe work sessions, and shoots across the city, so a good bag has always been a top priority for me.  After being left unsatisfied by every other photography bag I’ve tried, I received the Incase DSLR Pro Pack and haven’t looked back.

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