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Category: Photography
What I’m Reading & Watching This Week – DT014

What I’m Reading & Watching This Week – Daily Thoughts 014

So I’m gonna try something for the next couple of Thursdays. As I mentioned earlier this week, I go through a lot of content and not all of it is interesting or great. Therefore, I wanted to share some highlights with you just in case you completely missed something or didn’t have a chance to look. The vast majority of these articles will be related to photography, but you might occasionally find some music or DJ-related content like this one: Best Gifts for DJs – Christmas 2017.

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The Benefits of Traveling Light – DT012

The Benefits of Traveling Light – Daily Thoughts 012

Tuesday was an extremely long day, hence the delay on this post. It is Tuesday still somewhere in the world, so all good!

I was up super early to fly out to Osaka, and on the flight I was thinking about what I’d write for today. The biggest thing that stuck out for me during packing for this trip is the evolution of what I take with me for travel photography, so I thought I’d expand upon that.

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My Favorite App for Photography-Related Content – DT011

My Favorite App for Photography-Related Content – Daily Thoughts 011

Since I’m passionate about photography, I’m always thirsty for content related to it. I don’t use my smartphone all that much throughout the day, but one app in particular gets my vote for photography news, updates, tips & tricks, and inspiration. That app is Flipboard, and no, they aren’t paying me to write this.

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My Full Photography Post-Processing Workflow – DT007

My Full Photography Post-Processing Workflow – Daily Thoughts 007

In today’s post I’m going to be outlining the various software that I use for my photography post-processing workflow. To give you as much information as possible, I’m going to approach this as if I was going all-out on an image that is going to a client. While I may not use all of these for a typical Instagram post, I will use most, if not all, of these for the really important images.

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Free Lightroom Export Presets for Instagram Posts

So, you’ve just finished editing a batch of photos from your latest shoot in Lightroom and you want to throw a few on Instagram.  There are so many different ways to get the images out of Lightroom and onto your mobile device, but many of them are time consuming, sacrifice quality, and/or result in large files that end up taking space.

If only there was a simple Lightroom export preset that gave you small file sizes at optimal dimensions for Instagram and synced the images with your mobile device.  Well, now there is — InstaCloud1080.  Best of all, I’m giving it to you for free!
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